Disney’s Magic Kingdom Welcome Show changing

With the Walt Disney World Railroad scheduled for a lengthy refurbishment, the Magic Kingdom will experiment with a new staging area and possibly a newformat for the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show. Beginning January 9, 2017 the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show will move from the train station to Cinderella Castle stage.  In previous years the Welcome Show continued to be offered at the train station.

With this closure the park wants to experiment with a new procedure that allows guests to enter Main Street U.S.A. early and perhaps do some shopping, get those great photos and even some early morning dining in before opening the Magic Kingdom attractions after the welcome.

“With more guests arriving early to the Magic Kingdom park, we are enhancing the morning arrival experience by opening Main Street U.S.A. earlier than the rest of the park.
Guest will be able to get a head start on their day they as enjoy the early morning charm of Main Street U.S.A. with photo opportunities, breakfast options and shopping before the park officially opens.  A new welcome show will debut at Cinderella Castle stage January 9.”


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