Our Story…

Once Upon a Time, Kit worked at the Disney Store. Customers would come into the store, either getting ready to go on a Disney vacation, or just returning. Oh, they would be full of that Magical Disney excitement. You know the feeling……

Of those who just returned from a vacation, Kit would ask them,

“So, tell me about your vacation!!”

And they would happily, joyfully and with tons of enthusiasm, tell her Magical Stories!

Kit would then ask, “Did you see Hoop-dee-doo Revue?”

A confused look she would get.

Followed by, “Well, no, What’s that?”

Kit would then tell then all about Hoop-dee-doo-Musical Revue.

Then she would ask, “Did you do……?”

Again, the confused looks and “No, what’s that?”

You can see a pattern here… Kit stopped asking the questions, because who wants to take the Magical sparkleout of these people’s eyes I ask you?

Kit went to her best friend Pat, and shared her idea. Pat, loving to share Pixie Dust with others, was excited to jump on board.

And so, Magic Itineraries was born!

The girls began Crafting Custom Itineraries….to ONLY DISNEY DESTINATIONS! It’s what they know and love and believe in!

Custom Itineraries ~ our “Secret Sauce” ~ takes a guest “Good time” at Disney and makes it a GREAT TIME at Disney

Taking Your Vacation “By the Hand” on paper or electronically.

Soon after, with input from guests, the girls realized that they could offer so much more. They began booking the whole vacation package! Resort packages, transportation and so much more!

Kit and Pat, along with their team, want you to“Experience Mickey, with Minnie Stress” if you will.

They’ve been do so for nearly 15 years, and love “it’s off to work we go” everyday!

We only get a few weeks’ vacation time to spend with our loved ones, Why not make the most of it.

Plan Your Happily Ever After Vacation with Magic Itineraries… You’ll be Happy you did!

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